Main Floor

Our main floor consists of the HANGOUT room with games galore! Enjoy playing games like; Airhocky, Pool, Foosball, PingPong, Carpetbag, Basketball Shootout and more. Lounge around on the couches listening to music or watching sports games. 

Let the littles get there energy out while running around the playground with rock wall, swings, bridges, slides, tire swing, teeter-totter and mary go-round. Enjoy bouncing on the sports filled bouncy house. With basketballs, soccer goals, & football throwing games!



BATTING CAGES! There are 3 batting cages available & a soft toss area.

Practice pitching, batting, fielding, catching, playing catch, working on fundamentals, soft toss and so many options. 

Pitching Machine - $20/HR (For Non-Members)

Basketball/Dodgeball/4 square AREA!

Throw up some shots at 2 hoops. Great for close range shots, practice layups, dribbling skills and more. 

Have fun at some dodgeball tourneys and different games to play 



Cardio & Weight equipment.

We have a lot of free weights, cable weights, dumb bells, etc

Cardio includes; Treadmill, Stairclimber, Eliptical, and more

TRX, Rope Training, and a few more are some more things you may see!

Available to everyone. We have staff that would love to show you the equipment, answer any questions about lifting, give you proper techniques, and a workout schedule to get you started!